2017 Bootcamp: Section 2 Ventures


AdventureUs is a two-sided marketplace for outdoor guides and adventure seekers to connect, build trust, discover and book trips online.

Team member(s): Shezaad Zainulbhai, Ty van der Linden, Andrew Nguyen

Fidèle Art

An online marketplace that allows users to discover affordable, original artwork.

Team member(s): Apeksha Kothari


Our ambition is to facilitate seamless engagement between freelancers and employers. In doing so we will allow freelancers to combine the flexibility of part time work with the benefits of full time employment.

Team member(s): Mette Smedegaard Andersen, Shaun Collins, Beth Peters


Acquiring and developing quality resources through efficient operations and superior teams.

Team member(s): Brock Wilson


DuoFit is a mobile app and online service for people to pair up and track their healthy habits with a friend. Our concept is to create a platform where partners can log their health accomplishments for the day which will be displayed to their partner.

Team member(s): Jen Cariello, Libby Spalding


enLighten gamifies sustainable consumption, creating a PokemonGo-style platform that allows consumers to take social and environmental concerns into their own hands.

Team member(s): Sanchali Pal


Better match influencers – as used in influencer marketing campaigns – to brands and products that they authentically like and/or talk about.

Team member(s): Vicente Fauro, Brandon Freiberg, Anita Mehrotra



Team member(s): Clara Chappaz, Deviyani Misra-Godwin, Nick Gattas


At healthpay, we bring doctors and patients together, streamlining the payment process and creating massive efficiencies with our modern clearinghouse/portal.

Team member(s): Emily Brockway, Christina Bernardin


I intend to address the inadequacies in how people interact with / manage their insurance policies.

Team member(s): Christie Horvath


Helping add a personal touch to a temporary home by providing a selection of home decoration sets online. 

Team member(s): Nick Piromsawat


OnIt is a obile app that allows you to schedule a "sitter" to be at your residence to sign for a package, wait for the cable guy, wait for the washing machine repair guy, etc. Aiming to solve the multi-billion dollar problem of time being wasted by professionals due to waiting on services.

Team member(s): Haley Daiber


Openscope is a crowdsourcing platform for micro level image recognition with water property as the initial target market followed by science education etc.

Team member(s): Bastiane Huang, Abby Pandya


Fast casual, nutritious, millennial dining. Like Sweet Green but in the evening.

Team member(s): Cordelia Shackleton


A B2C and B2B Safe Food Marketplace

Team member(s): Allison Campbell


RentSource will deliver a product/service that mitigates “middle-men,” reduces landlords’ overhead, and increases unit utilization.

Team member(s): Alexa Goldson, Fabian Frick, Robert Delaney


creating an opt-in platform that creates superior value to users to allow linking credit card and social media platforms.

Team member(s): Ahmad Mansour


Building a "Rent the Runway" for baby products.

Team member(s): Divya Agarwal Robert Berns Jeremy Sasson


Moderator offers flexible access to premium publications (e.g., NYTimes, Economist, etc.) for an affordable monthly subscription fee, allowing members to access high-quality journalism from diverse sources that typically require paywalls.

Team member(s): Pierre Thys, Laura Carpenter


SustainablyPro solves the problem of mounting industrial waste by creating an online marketplace for converting waste into new materials.

Team member(s): Catherine Lee, Olga Kogan


Creatable aims to complement traditional schooling through an experiential education program for middle school students.

Team member(s): Monica Saggioro, Saksham Uppal, Shilpa Ramamurthy

Project RING

AI-Enabled Interview coach to support students during the interview preparation process.

Team member(s): Rich Horgan, Liang Wu