2017 Bootcamp: Section 1 Ventures


Capilano will reinvent senior living by building communities around cultural and educational ties.

Team members: Max de La Bruyere, Kenneth Zauderer, Estelle Merle


Project Ithilien is a software for investment firms that allows them to keep track of their deals, deal flow and other industry data, and collect intelligent insights.

Team members: Clemens Feil, Thomas McMackin, Dan Rozenfeld

Project Lift

Project Lift aims to reinvent the bra through fabric and design innovation, creating a functional yet fashionable product that adapts to perfectly fit each woman. The product’s flexibility and guaranteed fit will transform the consumer experience, eliminating the need for extensive trial at retail locations with limited sizes and selection. Project Lift will leverage the consumer trust it engenders through its commitment to fit and innovation to build a direct-to-consumer intimates brand.

Team: Claire Nesler, Jessie Smith, Luiza Dias Lopes de Vasconcellos


We hope to decrease the barriers to access for mental health care, lower costs, and improve quality of care.creating by creating a holistic platform that tracks patient progress, delivers continuous feedback to providers and enables data-driven matching between patients and providers.

Team members: Qian Qian Tang, Steph Tong, Gustavo Vaz


A non-athletic women’s shoe brand that promises style, comfort, and sustainability.

Team members: Ruth Isenstadt, Pippa Lamb, Chris Hutchens


We want to empower girls by introducing them to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) via an interactive toy that will be both a teacher and a friend.

Team members: Laura Barnes, Julia Cormier, Kat Oshman


SHINE aims to fill a gap in the UK’s fast-casual dining chain offering by delivering the best in fresh; simple, healthy ingredients to busy and affluent clientele.

Team members: Jack Samler, Jevta Lukic, Philip Honer

Soldier's Field Farm Products

The goal of Soldier's Field Farm Products is to take these fruits and vegetables, known as “seconds”, and re-purpose them into a brand of packaged goods with lines of sauces, salsa, tapenades, spreads and preserves.

Team members: Steve Osipow, Andrew Rothaus, Gil Valdes


Vizachero is a men’s online retailer focused on taking the hassle out of the male shopping experience by making it as effortless as possible, enabling the customer to achieve maximum style with minimal effort.

Team members: Sarah Vizachero, Anton McGonnell, Alec Stillman


Ruangchainun aims to provide an integrated back-end platform for online business owners in Southeast Asia with functions spanning from customer communication, inventory management to logistics.

Team members: Van Tran, Pumchanut Ruangchainun, Taka Yamada


JamonBAR aims to start a better sandwich movement by bringing Spanish Ham to the States, making a high end product accessible to the mass market.

Team members: Jaime Gonzalez Fernandez, Gonzalo Boada, Dori Gilinski


Parekh aims to address the fragmented small landlord–tenant market by providing a service to small landlords.

Team members: Shiv Parekh, Oz Locker, Cory Knittel


Trey is a social enterprise that aims to attain gender equality by transforming female athletes into leaders.

Team members: Rebecca Feickert, Selene Kim, Greta Gerazimaite

Taylor Kaminsky Tang

Our venture aims at addressing the problem of fragmented health and wellness care by providing a service layer to connect the dots between what you eat, how you move, and how you feel.

Team members: Rebecca Tang, Jordan Taylor, Samantha Kaminsky