The Bootcamp will begin with an all-day workshop on November 2 (or November 16, for students with unavoidable conflicts on Nov. 2). The workshop will feature exercises on how to conduct customer research, develop and evaluate prototypes, and structure minimum viable product tests.

The balance of the Bootcamp will be held on campus, January 17-24. On weekdays, the program will run from 9 am through dinner, with each day devoted to a mix of class sessions and studio time.

  • Morning class sessions will include skill-building workshops, case discussions, interactive lectures, practitioner panels, and presentations by student teams of their work-in-progress.

  • During afternoon studio time, working in small teams and coached by HBS instructors and practitioner mentors, students will apply skills and concepts that they learned during morning class sessions to advance a new venture concept.

During the weekend, teams will be encouraged to work on their startups during extended blocks of optional studio time, with instructor and mentor support.