Students should only apply to the Bootcamp if they are comfortable with the following requirements:

For All Students:

  1. Participation. Admitted students must commit to attending all Bootcamp sessions and to participating fully. We expect the Bootcamp to be oversubscribed, so accepting admission then failing to attend would deny a peer a learning opportunity.
  2. Equity Ownership. Independent applicants should not expect that Bootcamp participation entitles them to any equity in their team's venture; they should view the Bootcamp strictly as a learning opportunity. Of course, if concept owners wish to invite an independent applicant to join them as a permanent team member after the Bootcamp, they are free to do so. 
  3. Non-Compete Agreements. We do not want concept owners to ask independent applicants who join their teams to sign non-compete agreements that preclude them from separately pursuing, after the Bootcamp, a similar venture concept. Instead, we prefer that this remain a matter of trust. However, we will consider any independent applicant who does subsequently launch a competing venture to be breaching the trust of the HBS entrepreneurship community — and in doing so risking forfeiture of future community support.
  4. IP Protection. Since Bootcamp concepts will be at an early stage, we do not expect that many concept owners will bring proprietary intellectual property to the Bootcamp. Those that do and wish to protect their IP should make suitable arrangements. This might entail asking independent applicant team members to sign a non-disclosure agreement that covers IP brought by concept owners into the Bootcamp (e.g., proprietary market research). Please note that it is not reasonable for concept owners to ask independent applicant team members to sign NDAs that pertain to work done by their team during the Bootcamp. Concept owners who wish guidance on such issues should consult experts at the Harvard i-lab.

For Students submitting a Concept proposal:

  1. Team Membership. Concept owners must be willing to add independent applicants, as necessary, to bring their team membership to three members.
  2. Disclosure. During the Bootcamp, teams will frequently be asked to present work-in-progress to peers, instructors, and mentors—including Boston-area investors and entrepreneurs. We will ask all Bootcamp attendees to respect confidentiality, but students who are not comfortable disclosing their venture plans to peers and guest instructors should not seek admission as concept owners.