1. Do I have to know how to code?

No. Teams will be asked to build a series of prototypes, and to test those prototypes with prospective customers. Your earliest prototypes are likely to be paper sketches; ideally, later prototypes should simulate some of your solution's functionality. For teams working on software-based solutions, we will have outside experts present who can show you how to use prototyping tools that do not require coding skills.


There is no course fee. Meals will be provided. 

3. Will I earn academic credit? will this appear on my transcript? 

No, you will not earn academic credit and the program will not appear on your transcript. 

4. What is the time commitment? 

Bootcamp participants are expected to attend all 7 days and be present from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Time for meals (coffee, lunch, dinner, and breaks) is included.

5. I'm working on a venture concept with team members who are not HBS 1st-year MBA students. Can they apply? 

No, sorry — they cannot apply. Nor will we accept auditors.

6. We're a team of four HBS RC students. How should we apply?

Sorry, you'll need to decide which three team members should apply. If your team is that big, we'd also have concerns that your concept is too "well done" for the Bootcamp; see How to Apply.

7. will there be activities during the January 14-16th MLK Holiday weekend? What if i plan to be out of town that weekend?

Over the holiday weekend, we won’t have required class sessions, but we’ll run optional studio time with instructors/mentors present. We expect that most teams will work intensively through the weekend to push their concept forward.

If you plan to be out of town over the weekend, three scenarios may be relevant:

  1. If you are the sole lead concept owner for your venture team of three, then your absence would be a problem, since your team would be both underpowered and lacking leadership. 
  2. If you have a co-lead who is 1) comfortable with your absence and 2) able to provide direction to the team in your absence, then your absence would be less problematic. Your team, short-staffed, would make less progress over the weekend, but it wouldn’t drift due to a leadership vacuum.
  3. If you are an independent applicant, the impact of your absence would be similar to that of scenario #2.

8. will independent applicants get equity OR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS in their team's venture?

It's REALLY important that you review and are comfortable with the points on our Requirements page before applying.

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